Our Story


Eric Sullivan was “hooked” the first time he saw what is now the Safe Signage System in a grocery store in Pismo Beach, California in 2002.

Eric worked for a major grocery store chains in his youth. Seeing the signage system work, he immediately understood the impact the system would have. Any signage system that eliminates a ladder and gives almost any employee the ability to hang a sign was genius. He was sold.

Taking it from that one store into many grocery chains was the fun part, and still is! In just a few short years the Hooked on Magnets "Safe Signage System" has enjoyed praises all across the country, in every type of business imaginable, big and small....from retail stores, fast food operators, distributors, convenient stores, banks, florists, party planners to school teachers.

Hooked on Magnets is located in downtown Paso Robles, CA.

Major Brands Trust Us

We’ve created a sign hanging system with our clients in mind. With Hooked On Magnets, virtually any employee has the ability to hang a sign quickly, and without a ladder.