Sign Hanging System
Ladder Accident
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10 Second Demo:
Hang A Sign
Click here to see how easy and safe it is to hang a sign with our "Safe Signage System."
10 Second Demo:
Take It Down
Click here to see how easy and safe it is to take down a sign with our “Safe Signage System.”
Major Brands Trust Our
Sign Hanging System
Albertson’s, Safeway, Trader Joe’s and other house-hold brands use our system.
Safety is the Key:
Dangers of Ladders
Excluding vehicle accidents, falls are the number one cause of occupational-related deaths.
Strong Ceiling Magnets


Our Rare Earth Ceiling Magnets are 10 times stronger than ordinary magnets and never lose their strength.

Fast Signage System


Time is money. Now sign hanging can be done by 1 person; hang banners / signage / decorations at least 3 times faster with our sign hanging system

Safe Ceiling Magnets


Our super strong rare earth ceiling magnets, extension pole & patented installation tool, minimize the use of ladders and the possibility of accidents.


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  • Safe signage in store
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  • Full sign hanging system